5 Tips for Landing Page Optimization

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Landing page optimization is a huge part of online marketing, more specifically with pay-per-click (PPC). When you optimize a page, you’re finding ways to make the page better so your users convert or buy your product/service. This is often a never-ending effort, and it should be. You always want to make your page better for your users, which is where UX and optimization meet. See what I did there?

UX is user-centered, whereas optimization has always been approached from a qualitative perspective (IE bounce rates). UX and optimization are a lot alike and should be treated the same.

Here are a few tips to take a UX approach to optimization:

1. Define “SMART” goal(s).
When we solve problems for UX, we’re also trying to meet specific goals as well – you know, more than making the page “user-friendly.” As we define these goals, it’s important they follow the “SMART” method: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Related.

Of course, you always want to aim high, but let’s be realistic. You’re not going to increase revenue by 999999% in one week, so just throw that idea out the window. A good example of a SMART goal is, “We want to increase sales by 20% on service A for the 3rd quarter.” These can always be revisited later and you can always become more aggressive as you set new goals.

2. Know your audience.
Your audience controls your page’s message, so it’s important you take the time to understand their needs and concerns. For example, if your target audience is elderly couples looking for retirement homes, you’re probably not going to throw memes all over the page. Unless, of course, you really want nerdy, elderly couples.

Take the time to get to know your users/clients/etc. and find out why they’re looking, decision factors, and basically any information they’re willing to give you. This should help define some questions about how your page should be perceived (i.e. headline, copy and imagery). When you understand your audience, you can better achieve the goals you set.

3. Research all the things.
Hopefully, at this point, you know what you’re doing and whom you’re doing it for. Now it’s time to research.

While we can use best practices, it’s better to use them as guidelines and focus more on what works specifically for your industry for your audience. Design is this ever-changing blob that is defined by “it depends.” There are no silver bullets, so do the legwork to get your page in shape. Even after you’ve researched, you could still be wrong, but it should point you in the right direction.

4. Plan.
This is a little tricky, as it could mean different things for anyone. But let’s focus on me.

At this stage, I used to start wireframing. Visuals are always great and I like to hit the ground running. Now though, I like to lie out all my research, data, what have you and create a journey map. This is a pretty important step to me because it allows me to account for all the items I NEED to have versus what would be NICE to have.

Drawing out the journey map also allows me to think from the user’s perspective. In the end, I’m creating this for them, so its important that I consider all the obstacles they could potentially go through.

In short, it gives me in overview of the work I need to complete in order to meet my goals.

5. Test, test, and test some more.
Testing, in my experience, is treated like the ugly, stepsister: underappreciated. There’s so much value in testing your solution before launching it. First, you want to make sure your research is right. Second, you want to know if there are any errors. Third, you only need about five people to know if it really does suck.

Data is always a good thing and testing helps you avoid stupid mistakes. Take the time to test.

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