Transitions to UX—Introduction

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Despite the decades that web design has been around, UX Design is a relatively new(ish) job title. It’s one that doesn’t require extensive experience to break into the field, either. Many who already work with web content have reached into the realm of User Experience with prototyping, usability testing, or consulting. The fact of the […]

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Solving the UX Designer Problem

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User experience is the future, according to Rick Wise, CEO of Lippincott. He’s right. According to his article in Fast Company, businesses used to thrive on product innovation, but are now turning to user experience (UX) to regain command of their customers. In today’s tech industry, companies are aggressively searching for innovative UX minds to […]

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Hiring User Experience Designers (UXD)

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Tekzenit is Hiring from Tekzenit on Vimeo.

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