The Post PSD Era doesn’t want to kill designers.

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In fact, it needs them more than ever. As an interactive designer, I am of a dying breed. I am one of the many interactive designers who is slowly being nudged (pushed, shoved, tossed) out of the digital design process. And I have the Post-PSD Era to blame. The Post-PSD Era is a product of […]

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Communicating the User Experience

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You know that wonderful feeling when you’ve created the perfect prototype. You’ve done everything by the book. Personas, check. Customer-journey map, check. Task-flow analysis, check. Usability studies, check. You’ve dotted every user experience i and crossed every customer delight t. Now, it’s the moment of truth, you’re presenting your uber-prototype to your cross-functional team and […]

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UX Resources: Part 1-Usability

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The Nielsen Norman Group defines usability as a quality attribute that evaluates how easy an interface is to use. It is comprised of five basic elements: learnability; efficiency; memorability; error ratios; and users’ overall satisfaction. “Early and constant testing brings design flaws to the surface so they can be addressed before other dependent design elements […]

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