Getting Buy-In for UX

Posted 3 years ago by Debi Terry No Comments

A common thread that ran through this year’s Big Design Conference was the need for collaboration between team members on design projects. One aspect that was particularly interesting was that of “buy-in”. The term, as it was used by multiple speakers at the conference, means the agreement to support a decision.

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Communicating the User Experience

Posted 3 years ago by igor geyfman No Comments

You know that wonderful feeling when you’ve created the perfect prototype. You’ve done everything by the book. Personas, check. Customer-journey map, check. Task-flow analysis, check. Usability studies, check. You’ve dotted every user experience i and crossed every customer delight t. Now, it’s the moment of truth, you’re presenting your uber-prototype to your cross-functional team and […]

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UX Resources: Part 1-Usability

Posted 3 years ago by Ulfa Octaviani No Comments

The Nielsen Norman Group defines usability as a quality attribute that evaluates how easy an interface is to use. It is comprised of five basic elements: learnability; efficiency; memorability; error ratios; and users’ overall satisfaction. “Early and constant testing brings design flaws to the surface so they can be addressed before other dependent design elements […]

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The Web of Trust

Posted 3 years ago by Trevor Connolly No Comments

How to overcome your user’s privacy concerns in the age of Big Data, the NSA, and Cyber Warfare. We live in an age of opportunity. Technology is pushing forward in pursuit of making everyday life simpler, more convenient, and more informational. Behaviors once reserved for only SciFi movies — such as remotely controlling our home security or […]

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Smarter UI

Posted 4 years ago by James Utley 1 Comment

I’ve seen many UX designers create thorough work that was very user friendly, but somehow fell flat after development. While I was at the SXSW interactive conference, Gabe Martin and Robby Grant from archer>malmo pointed out exactly what was missing in their work and often in mine—rich animations. Animations are often an afterthought for a […]

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We Can’t Afford to be Fan Boys

Posted 4 years ago by Trevor Connolly No Comments

How being brand loyal is holding us back I’ve always been incredibly brand loyal. I find a product that fits my needs and provides a good experience and I’m a fan for life. Why? Because I now trust the brand. As an example, my favorite pair of shoes were Converse All-Stars I had a few […]

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Transitions to UX—Introduction

Posted 4 years ago by Anita Schuring No Comments

Despite the decades that web design has been around, UX Design is a relatively new(ish) job title. It’s one that doesn’t require extensive experience to break into the field, either. Many who already work with web content have reached into the realm of User Experience with prototyping, usability testing, or consulting. The fact of the […]

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The UX of Magic

Posted 4 years ago by Jainan Sankalia No Comments

Magic tricks delight and surprise audiences in entertaining ways. Beyond just knowing the tricks and how to execute them, there’s an art to the performance. An effective magician must know how to interact and engage with their audience; no two performances are exactly the same despite the fact the tricks performed are identical. Anytime there […]

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Tweetable Moments and Concepts from Managing Experience (MX) Conference 2014

Posted 4 years ago by Michele Wong No Comments

John Dewey in “Art as Experience” uses a meal to exemplify what a meaningful experience is. A meaningful meal/experience is one you can remember years after “having” it because every single aspect of that experience was designed to be delightful—from the valet to the silverware, to the dish and and of course to the company. […]

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Solving the UX Designer Problem

Posted 4 years ago by Trevor Connolly No Comments

User experience is the future, according to Rick Wise, CEO of Lippincott. He’s right. According to his article in Fast Company, businesses used to thrive on product innovation, but are now turning to user experience (UX) to regain command of their customers. In today’s tech industry, companies are aggressively searching for innovative UX minds to […]

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