Hiring User Experience Designers (UXD)

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Tekzenit is Hiring from Tekzenit on Vimeo.

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Smart is Seamless: How UX Leverages Edward Tufte’s Principles of Visual Information

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Edward R. Tufte grandfathered the multivariate design approach to the world of visualized information. His paradigm shifting perspective of micro and macro data clustering ushered in the sophisticated approach of presenting information in strategic, multi-layered structures for designers the world over. While considering contemporary approaches to graphical user interfaces (GUIs), how are products or services […]

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5 Tips for Landing Page Optimization

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Landing page optimization is a huge part of online marketing, more specifically with pay-per-click (PPC). When you optimize a page, you’re finding ways to make the page better so your users convert or buy your product/service. This is often a never-ending effort, and it should be. You always want to make your page better for […]

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The Importance of Content in User Experience Design (UXD)

Posted 4 years ago by Steve Nicholas No Comments

Despite a growing awareness of content, it unfortunately gets devalued. With all the buzz out there about “UX”, content needs to get some love, too. That’s because the first thing users look for on a website is words—not graphics, so you better make sure your site is easy to read. Optimization of content has never […]

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Eight Designer Tips to Get You Motivated

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If you’re a designer you’ll probably hit a wall every now and then. Sometimes it may be because there’s a change of deadline, a change of direction or some disagreements over a design decision with a boss, this can cause apathy on what you’re working and sometimes coffee just isn’t enough to get refueled, because […]

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