Transitions to UX—Part 1

Posted 3 years ago by James Utley 1 Comment

When I made the transition into UX, I had some serious apprehensions and misconceptions of what the work of a user experience designer entailed. If you’re considering or are already making the transition into UX, I’d like to shed some light on how easily it is for a graphic designer to transition into the field.

Show what you have
A wise professor once told me “Show what you have because that’s what you have”. Seems simple enough, right? Well it is. User Experience is a relatively new field and professionals enter it from many different backgrounds. The transition is quite seamless for graphic designers because their problem-solving and design thinking skills are naturally aligned with the UX process. Even if you haven’t executed a large amount of web design, don’t let that deter you from pursuing a career in UX. Companies looking to hire user experience designers are looking for problems solvers, design thinkers and innovators. These qualities can be found in anyone, yours just happen to be a focused towards Graphic Design. (more…)

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Transitions to UX—Introduction

Posted 3 years ago by Anita Schuring No Comments

Despite the decades that web design has been around, UX Design is a relatively new(ish) job title. It’s one that doesn’t require extensive experience to break into the field, either. Many who already work with web content have reached into the realm of User Experience with prototyping, usability testing, or consulting. The fact of the matter is, there are virtually unlimited paths that can lead to a career in User Experience. (more…)

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The UX of Magic

Posted 3 years ago by Jainan Sankalia No Comments

Magic tricks delight and surprise audiences in entertaining ways. Beyond just knowing the tricks and how to execute them, there’s an art to the performance. An effective magician must know how to interact and engage with their audience; no two performances are exactly the same despite the fact the tricks performed are identical. Anytime there is an interaction between a person and an audience, there are lessons we can learn as experience designers. As a hobbyist sleight-of-hand magician, there are certain skills and techniques I’ve learned that can apply to UX Design. (more…)

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Tweetable Moments and Concepts from Managing Experience (MX) Conference 2014

Posted 3 years ago by Michele Wong No Comments

John Dewey in “Art as Experience” uses a meal to exemplify what a meaningful experience is. A meaningful meal/experience is one you can remember years after “having” it because every single aspect of that experience was designed to be delightful—from the valet to the silverware, to the dish and and of course to the company.

“Experience in this vital sense is defined by those situations and episodes that we spontaneously refer to as being “real experiences”; those things of which we say in recalling them, ‘that was an experience.’ It may have been something of tremendous importance… Or it may have been something that in comparison was slight—and which perhaps because of its very slightness illustrates all the better what is to be an experience. There is that meal in a Paris restaurant of which one says, ‘That was an experience.’ It stands out as an enduring memorial of what food may be.”
-John Dewey, 1934 (more…)

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Keynote for Prototyping

Posted 3 years ago by Joung Kong 1 Comment

If you’re a UX-Designer, you probably find yourself sketching on scrap paper, field notes or in your fancy notebook. However, after working on your rough sketches, you find yourself bringing your design to life with some kind of software. Programs like Photoshop, Balsamic and Axure, allow you to structure and arrange light gray boxes in a logical order with beautiful typography to best convey your concept. Prototyping software is great and filled with an arsenal of functionality but have you ever considered creating prototypes in Keynote? (more…)

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Impressions from a SXSW Newb

Posted 3 years ago by Trevor Connolly 1 Comment

Every spring, over 50,000 people attend the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, which covers music, film, and interactive conferences. This past week, I along with five members of the Tekzenit team trekked down from Dallas to Austin in a minivan to learn, engage, and interact with SXSW. It was all of our first time to attend the interactive conference and our expectations were also met with a few surprises. We learned quite a bit in a few days, not only about our areas of expertise, but other parts of the interactive world. For example, we learned how to apply outside topics to our creative work, as well as navigating the conference itself. Collectively, we put together our impressions of how to make the most out of a week at SXSW. (more…)

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Solving the UX Designer Problem

Posted 3 years ago by Trevor Connolly No Comments

User experience is the future, according to Rick Wise, CEO of Lippincott. He’s right. According to his article in Fast Company, businesses used to thrive on product innovation, but are now turning to user experience (UX) to regain command of their customers. In today’s tech industry, companies are aggressively searching for innovative UX minds to help distinguish themselves in this relatively new creative field. I recently attended a career fair at a tech savvy university in search of UX Designers to join our creative team. However, after I spoke to the first few eager job-seekers, I realized I had a problem. Nearly each job-seeker I spoke to asked the same question: “What is a UX Designer?” (more…)

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Hiring User Experience Designers (UXD)

Posted 3 years ago by Michele Wong No Comments

Tekzenit is Hiring from Tekzenit on Vimeo.

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Smart is Seamless: How UX Leverages Edward Tufte’s Principles of Visual Information

Posted 3 years ago by Kyle Averack No Comments

Edward R. Tufte grandfathered the multivariate design approach to the world of visualized information. His paradigm shifting perspective of micro and macro data clustering ushered in the sophisticated approach of presenting information in strategic, multi-layered structures for designers the world over.

While considering contemporary approaches to graphical user interfaces (GUIs), how are products or services (un)intentionally leveraging Tufte’s ingenuity in their designs? In this review, I will cover how Tufte’s multi-layered principle of engagement has been utilized within the predictive, context aware mobile application, Google Now, and the whole-body movement tracker, Nike+ Fuel Band SE. (more…)

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5 Tips for Landing Page Optimization

Posted 3 years ago by Lan Nguyen No Comments

Landing page optimization is a huge part of online marketing, more specifically with pay-per-click (PPC). When you optimize a page, you’re finding ways to make the page better so your users convert or buy your product/service. This is often a never-ending effort, and it should be. You always want to make your page better for your users, which is where UX and optimization meet. See what I did there?

UX is user-centered, whereas optimization has always been approached from a qualitative perspective (IE bounce rates). UX and optimization are a lot alike and should be treated the same. (more…)

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