The Importance of Content in User Experience Design (UXD)

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Despite a growing awareness of content, it unfortunately gets devalued. With all the buzz out there about “UX”, content needs to get some love, too. That’s because the first thing users look for on a website is words—not graphics, so you better make sure your site is easy to read. Optimization of content has never been more important and ease and functionality give content some real staying power.

A great analogy that illustrates the importance of content is to think of content as the salad dressing of user experience design, while interactive design is the salad. Of course, a salad by itself is edible, bland and not especially tasty or sexy. Doesn’t dressing totally enhance the flavor of salad? The cool, rich creaminess coupled with the crispness of the salad sends your taste buds into orbit and has them dancing. Well, it’s really no different with content because no matter how aesthetic the interactive experience is, content does the heavy lifting by delivering messaging, brand identity, insight and pertinent information. (more…)

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Eight Designer Tips to Get You Motivated

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If you’re a designer you’ll probably hit a wall every now and then. Sometimes it may be because there’s a change of deadline, a change of direction or some disagreements over a design decision with a boss, this can cause apathy on what you’re working and sometimes coffee just isn’t enough to get refueled, because what you really need is a spark to get moving.


Tip 1: Get up and move around

This is my number one tip of all, start here, it usually works just by doing this. Let’s face it, we sit on our butts a lot and all we need is to get some blood circulation going to get them gears from being rusty. Go outside (if you can) and walk around, throw a ball around, do some pushups. Staying active in general really helps. (more…)

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