Transitions to UX—Introduction

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Despite the decades that web design has been around, UX Design is a relatively new(ish) job title. It’s one that doesn’t require extensive experience to break into the field, either. Many who already work with web content have reached into the realm of User Experience with prototyping, usability testing, or consulting. The fact of the matter is, there are virtually unlimited paths that can lead to a career in User Experience.

As our group of UXers grows at Tekzenit, we’ve noticed we have an array of different educational and professional backgrounds. Among our talented crew, you are certain to find folks who once specialized in Architecture, Graphic Design, Illustration, Front End Development, Communication Design, Video Game Design, and even Copywriting.

What brought us into UX may be different, but it’s why we are here and what challenge we’ll climb next that is important to us. We are aware of our surroundings, how we affect each other through structures and connections—or a lack thereof. How websites and smartphones contribute—and sometimes detract from—our lives. We have a passion for valuable experiences. We recognize and appreciate excellent storytelling: a good bit of guidance with a flare of trust that the recipient will learn along the journey—and enjoy it.

Interact with a UX designer, and I challenge you to get bored. It’s probably not possible (unless he or she is exhausted from the series of all-nighters pulled to finish another project, even still we tend to amuse).

You may be here because you are considering a career in User Experience. Or perhaps your quest has already begun, and you are searching for more insight (good on you—a constant craving for knowledge is another quality successful UXers hold). Know that you’re already on the right track. The following article is our first post on how members of our group turned their talent into a tool to improve how we experience the web.

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